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One of the great fears we face is that despite our efforts, we will discover that we have wasted our life. This profiling and the tips you receive start to prepare you for your Holistic Wellness and Success journey which will give you the tools to overcome your challenges, balance your life and reach your dreams …

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Holistic Success, Career Development and Wellness Coach – Nutritionist – Yoga Teacher + Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practitioner

Founder of YogaVeda Well Ltd, with the relaxing, rejuvenating and fulfilling ‘4Fs for Holistic Wellness and Success’ program, Weekend Workshops and Wellness Retreats that are so essential to a GREAT lifestyle and totally complementary to improving your life and career.

What is our motto? Living Life Holistically!

Anna Letitia Cook

Readers say

Anna understands the essence of Holistic Success so well. For me – sleeping well, eating well, stopping during the day, allowing, and encouraging, myself to be happy each and every day.

Julie Heritage

I’ve found Anna’s knowledge and guidance so helpful to fully appreciate what works best for me overall. …Especially how we treat the body through nutrition, exercise, and meditation.

Rhonda Halliday

Come and enjoy...

Workshops and Retreats in beautiful Wales, France and Bermuda…

Lasting up to a week 5 or 6 times a year, incorporating yoga, ayurveda, and wellness (mindset, fitness, nutrition, wellness treatments, walking, meditation or peace of mind focus, destress etc) including classes on how to cook healthier food, give yourself some of the treatments, AND learn your dosha for better career and lifestyle choices!

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