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Working Abroad

How many of you have worked abroad, or have considered working abroad? You probably know that I have spent a considerable part of my career working and living in other

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Wellness in the Workplace Survey

Please participate…

The aim of this survey is to get a broad range of responses from companies, employers and employees to understand in more depth people’s vision and opinion regarding wellness, particularly in the workplace.

After analysing the results, these will be available and sent to companies who will be able to see how they can add value, support and improved wellness options in the workplace.

We want to hear your views so we can keep raising awareness, and therefore improving the opportunities available on this important topic.

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What are your 3 words

What Are Your 3 Words?

A certain newsletter dropped through my door the other day — well into my inbox 😉 actually… How I wish I still received letters, so much more enticing. However, I digress! This

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Look for the Silver Lining

When a new door opens

Love is in the air everywhere I look aroundLove is in the air every sight and every soundAnd I don’t know if I’m being foolishDon’t know if I’m being wiseBut

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Silver Skills

How you can Change Ageism Attitudes

By Anna Letitia Cook You can work on changing attitudes around you – This is more of an ongoing process which needs to be dealt with tactfully and intelligently. By

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Sleep, essential for your Success

Did you sleep well last night? Do you sleep well usually? I have been suffering from exhaustion recently, I was so tired I was getting dizzy spells – not good

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Balancing Negativity

Bad news people – our brains naturally have a negative bias! If you look at all the doom and gloom and dramatic negativity that is used to sell newspapers, headlines

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